about ZEUKO

During the decade of the fifties a strong development took place in the Industry. A group of companies as Zorroza, Elyma, Urbasa, Krug and Omega contributed to speed up transformation of technology, working as licensees of Demag, Liebherr, Krupp or Man. They focused in cranes, singular structures and special equipment.

By the mid-nineties Zeuko, belonging to Mareiport group, receive the baton from the previous generation. Consolidating its position as reference in a number of sectors, hydroelectric power station, nuclear power plants and cement factories added to already in the portfolio container ports and shipyards.

Nowadays Zeuko is in process of growing, including in its solutions new technologies increasing added value to our Customers. Our main value, supporting the Client 24x7.

   Parque Tecnológico Zamudio
      Edificio 207 / B
      48170 Zamudio (Vizcaya)

   +34 94 420 93 57